About the WUN


Every  YMCA CEO/General Secretary is an active member of our thriving and welcoming, World Urban Network, sharing their expertise, participating in training, and developing personal relationships that have strengthened the YMCA locally and around the world.

Core Values

The World Urban Network will operate utilizing the following values.


having everyone feel welcome and part of world family
Honestly truthful, with candour, having the confidence to confide
Engagement providing opportunity to fully participate without prejudice
Showing respect for others, their opinions without prejudice
Openness Transparent in all matters of governance and management


YMCA World Urban Network goals are:

  1. To strengthen and promote the purpose and mission of the YMCA
  2. To enhance General Secretary/Chief Executive Officers capacity to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.
  3. To provide training and professional leadership development opportunities for General Secretaries/Chief Executive Officers and their senior staff.
  4. To promote collegial and collaborative opportunities that engage General Secretaries/Chief Executive officers, beyond training, that strengthen member YMCAs and contribute to the capacity of the world YMCA movement.
  5. To build the capacity of the WUN and its members in both numbers and impact.