Strategic Directions 2016-2017

1. To position the WUN training as essential to the professional development of senior professional staff from urban centres, and to work with members, national movements, area structures, and affinity groups to identify prospective participants and promote involvement and participation.

2. To actively engage the staff of the World Alliance of YMCAs, as we seek to achieve our respective objectives.

3. To identify the common urban issues present in communities around the world and share the YMCA’s response to those issues.

4.To build consensus on which urban issue the WUN believes to be the most prevalent and important for member emphasis and action.

5. To communicate the benefits of WUN membership and the contribution that each member makes to their local community and world YMCA.

6. To develop leadership development,knowledge sharing and collective action programs which assist YMCAs in addressing their capacity to respond to urban issues.

7.To strengthen relationships and collaboration of WUN members through the effective and appropriate use of technology.

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