The World Urban Network works collaboratively with the World Alliance of YMCAs to facilitate projects designed to build the capacity of YMCAs around the globe.

Currently our collective action agenda has a number of major initiatives:

YGDA—The YMCA Global Digital Accelerator–“Connecting for Global Good”

Spear headed by Dave Ball of the Romford YMCA UK and Sean Moffitt a number of pioneer YMCAs are working to build an online hub for youth engagement. The vision is to YMCA Victoria in conjunction with the World Alliance of YMCAs, host and incubate a to scale youth network. The guiding idea is to fuel 3 things FOR and BY youth; IDEAS,IMPACT, INSPIRATION.

YMCA Legacy Assets;

The WUN working closely with the WAY and a number of member YMCAs, New York, Toronto. Victoria, and Seattle are exploring ways in which the YMCA with under utilized properties and facilities can  leverage them for social and economic benefit of the YMCA and local community. The Accra YMCA has been chosen as the site for the pilot phase of this new and exciting co-operative development.

The Egypt YMCA Leadership Centre.

Members of the WUN, lead by the NY and Toronto YMCA, have pledged to assist the Egyptian YMCAs with the establishment of a Leadership Centre in Alexandria. The centre will develop both staff and volunteers for the YMCA and the community.

The Leader to Leader Program

The WUN is pioneering a program whereby current and past leaders,staff and volunteers,have a path to share their talents with YMCA associations across the globe. Our most successful example is the work of Ron Coulombe and his work with the Asia Pacific Alliance for “Resource Mobilization”.

We envision that our service area will reflect the total variety of program and service delivery.